Basic (A2 – A1)

What will I learn?
During a basic course you will learn essential grammatical skills and important vocabulary, which will be tailored to your profession and daily life. You will learn how to have basic, everyday conversations. These include conversations about who you are, where you are from and what you’re currently doing. Also easy conversations in the supermarket, at the university or at your work will be practiced. The course focusses heavily on speaking the language. Grammatical subjects during this course are: pronunciation, the present, past and future tense, the present perfect and sentence structuring.

How long?
The course generally runs for 10 weeks with weekly 2-hour classes. Two of these classes will be ‘real-life’ excursions where we will go and do a fun social thing while practicing our Dutch, like a city tour, ice skating or a Dutch food tasting class, you name it! During exam weeks there won’t be any courses and a free catch-up class is included. Classes are of a maximum of 8-10 people.

When and were?
Generally these courses start at the end of September or at the end of January. However, courses can start whenever we have a group of at least 8 participants. We have several offline locations in Amsterdam, The Hague/Leiden, Utrecht and Groningen. Online education is always possible on request.

Course fee?
The course fee for the basic expat course is 375,- including all the modules, books and the free catch-up class.