About us

Our Vision

Learn Dutch and become a local!

We at Can’t Dutch This believe that learning the local language will contribute to your living experience in The Netherlands. Being able to understand the spoken and written Dutch will open new doors and create new social interactions.

Therefore our courses on understanding the spoken language in order to quickly speak the language yourself. We designed the course ourselves, with an emphasis on making the classes informal, fun and interactive. Each course includes real life excursions, to help you practice Dutch in a real-life environment. Teachers are and motivated and the classes are kept intentionally small in order to create a safe and ‘gezellig’ social environment.

Can’t Dutch This is a social initiative. Our vision is to provide fun, interactive and dynamic Dutch courses for everyone who wants to learn the Dutch language. We offer courses for students, young professionals and status holders. Students and young professionals follow a paid course, which enables us to offer free Dutch courses to those who don’t have the financial freedom to follow Dutch courses.

Meet the team

Our team consists of young, enthousiastic students and post-graduates with different backgrounds. Our collective passion is teaching. On this page you have the chance to meet the team. Click on the photo to get to know more about the person, to get to know how long they have been teaching with Can’t Dutch This and what their funniest Dutch word is 🙂