Working professionals

Working professional courses

Are you working in The Netherlands? Either for yourself or at a company? Then you can find information about suitable Dutch courses on this page. Working professional courses are tailored to your personal situation. Wordlists and conversational classes are tailored to your work, field of interest or hobbies. We offer courses of different levels: Basic (A1-A2), Intermediate (A2-B1) and advanced (B1-B2). Depending on your prior experience in the Dutch language, you will be eligible to join an intermediate or advanced course. Find more information about the content, duration, location and price of the course by clicking below:

Basic (A1-A2)
Intermediate (A2-B1)
Advanced (B1-B2)

If you are looking for a different kind of course then the ones listed above, we can still help you! We offer customized courses for those who prefer for example private or small-group courses or courses with a specific content. Please drop us an email on